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- Balkan Farewells
- The Balkan Roulette
- The Shade of Reason
- Love as punishment
- Half-way o heaven
- Good night my friends
- Dreams have no price
- We are all brothers
- The Balkan aquarelle
- The sky over Dalmatia



ISBN 953-6966-02-6

An anti-war novel that describes the tragedies of people in the period between 1991 and 1994 on the territories of ex Yugoslavia, telling through irony and grotesque, laughter and tears, that any war is an evil thing in itself, but the evil of the wars on the Balcans is manifold, for historic and other reasons

ISBN 0-9720662-7-6

Godot arrived. One night in 1991, in an apartment where there weren't Vladimir and Estragon to wait for him, but Petar and Mario. The reading of the drama will show to the reader that it is better to wait for Godot than to actually meet him.

M.S. Srdja Orbanic

ISBN 953-6966-09-3
Few authors have succeeded in the difficult project of summarizing the patterns of history of a whole people through short fortunes and misfortunes of fictional characters. Even fewer are those who are able to do it when the word "people" has been transformed, multiplied into "ethnoses", "nations", and whatnot, and when the memory of history has seemingly disappeared.
dr. Massimiliano Zantedeschi

ISBN 953-6966-04-2

Third part of the trilogy BALKAN FAREWELLS. If the novel BALKAN FAREWELLS can be defined as a parabole on the absurdity of war, then this novel can be defined as having a thesis in which the war is contemplated through its everlasting long-term consequences on the destinies and consciences of people.

ISBN 953-6966-07-7

First part of the trilogy BALKAN FAREWELLS. A novel about youth, growing up and life in a former state...

ISBN 953-6966-03-4
An interesting poetical work, rich in suggestions, trying to face the great themes of modern poetry and thought with its marked lyrical energy and powerful memories. In the background can be perceived a need for freedom, for the opening of new spaces of thinking and living in relation to the reality that is often too cold in an obvious contrast with the intimate human existence. The poet is deeply touched and reacts using his closest and most suitable weapon, the word.
Giulio Perrone

ISBN 953-6966-12-3

Good Night, Friends may hence be defined as a generation novel with a message in which the author, to quote his own words, without any hypocrisy, imperturbably, straight from the soul, portrays a backwater where nobody feels well, but which nobody even thinks of changing… The way Gunjaca builds and presents his story will certainly remind his readers of his so recognizable style: acerbic, harsh, often crude, but a moment later (black)humorous, occasionally even sentimental, expressing the whole gamut of human feelings and moods.
M.S. Srdja Orbanic

ISBN 953-6966-13-1

This is, therefore, a story of (about) two antiheroes, two maladjusted losers over whose heads continuously suspended is the sword of Damocles threatening with an imminent interruption of their shared dream… But, losers, antiheroes as they are, they are doing it by remaining true to themselves, full of irony and self-irony, waspish to each other to the point of rancor, without ill intent though. As befitting two nationally unenlightened friends, a Serb and a Croat, who adamantly refuse to get nationally enlightened, awakened, to finally become enemies. M.S. Srdja Orbanic

ISBN 88-8825-11-7

("It is so difficult to be a simple man in war, wherever it comes upon you. History is interested only in those up to its measure, not in simple people") says the author of this work that digs deep in our consciences leaving us perhaps sad but more conscious and certainly less poor.
Renza Agnelli

ISBN 953-6966-14-X

- the sequel of the drama Balkan Roulette


ISBN 953-237-001-3

Can one write after Auschwitz, Adorno wondered, and this novel might be Gunjaca's answer to that question: we can and we have to, because in these times betrayed by human history, witnessing is necessary in order to offer some kind of future to betrayed people and humiliated humanity. For as mich as this may sound paradoxical, this novel is about hope, about people's unbreakable faith in Good that cannot be destroyed even by the blackest evil.

Mr.sc.Srdja Orbanic


ISBN 953-6966-15-8

The simplest way to define the novel "SEVEN DAYS OF SOLITUDE" would be that it is a femminist novel written by a man.

ISBN 978-953-6966-21-9

Since the beginning of time people have been looking up to the sky to pray, beg, curse, seek answers and explanations of their earthly destinies, thus establishing a vertical ethical axis in their world. This essential dimension of human existence is contained in the title of the new novel by Drazan Gunjaca, “The Sky over Dalmatia”.


ISBN 978-953-6966-18-9

I ovaj najnoviji roman Dražana Gunjače dosljedno je na crti njegova dosadašnjeg književnoga stvaralaštva, no ovaj put smještajući svoj prepoznatljivi romaneskni svijet u novi – gastarbajterski – milje, dajući mu nova kontekstualna obilježja.